what’s up guys it’s projects bringing you new players one last video which will cover everything a new player needs to do to maximize their account to the fullest and 2019 as much as the problems in the game still persist luckily for you newbies out there it really only pertains to endgame and I still think the core normal mode experience is worth playing the game for then you can decide later on if he can handle the snail pace where it takes weeks to make any significant progress if you’re a normal person and can only get so many hours in a day for it so let’s get on with the guide it’s a lot of info to take and I basically carve out the entire route to the gear wall so just take the advice a little by little as you encounter what I discuss in game first and foremost the game is on iOS and Android but can also be played on emulator Knox or LD player flip a coin take your pick both run the game well with a decent PC I’ll leave links to their programs in the description below the first major thing to get right in the game is selective summon once reaching 1-10 you get 30 rolls containing 10 some as each but you can only keep one of those rolls so you keep summoning till you land on a roll of 10 you like you can also only get one 5 star at most per roll so new players best outcome is 1 5 star hero but forget everything you’ve heard in past videos from other people or even my own mega tips video it’s all wrong and doesn’t account for 2019 and what new players start with you get nothing as a new player as of now whereas in the past you got lots of goodies before 1 – 10 having had multiple accounts getting to endgame multiple times I’ve learned a lot and the one hero you need to reroll for is Angelica skip everything else Angelica is the best healer in a game especially after the addition of hunt 11 where you need water units to complete wyvern Angelica seals deal on that and it’s generally the best healer in general healer is needed an abyss healer is needed in raid normal story once healer for a smooth run through in the last few chapters everything centers around healer and there’s limited amounts of them compared to DPS or support units where there’s many different choices hazel specialty change with a failure she’s slightly better than before and has her own niche but still doesn’t compete on a level of Angelica or Achates or destino so snipe Angelica if you get other units along cider that’s great but if not whatever continue it takes 30 to 40 minutes to get to 1-10 and go through selective summon which is a lot of time to reset an account every single time but if you truly want to have the best start and plan to play the game for the long haul then says can build reduce area CID Karen and Clarissa alongside Angelica is the best possible pick if you get any of those units alongside achates or de steena then it’s worth moving on without Angelica as well it’s just not the most optimal those healers are great don’t get me wrong but this video is about the best of the best get Angelica if you bust reset your account and try again right now we have a 7 day New Year event where you get a 4 to 5 star ticket after logging in 7 days so that’s a guaranteed for a 5 star alongside Angelica if you choose Angelica by herself so don’t fret if you go that route at least while it lasts so after selective let’s make a team I’ll link a tier list below in the description I’m gonna make it loud and clear this tier list doesn’t mean crap I’m linking it so you’ll know roughly how to gear the characters I talked about or that you get from summoning in the future that’s it don’t pay attention to the rankings it’s mostly irrelevant but back to the team you’ll want to focus on only four units till after beating story focusing on a limited amount of characters will ensure progress goes at a decent pace don’t over spread your resources on other characters besides your core for this same sentiment will echo even after a beating story oh you got BBK from moonlight summon Congrats bencher you got ml says from mysterious summoned explode bench him we want to maximize useful PvE characters only till you max them out and then you can work on more niche characters for fun abyss and hunt will require specialized characters in some scenarios but you’ll handle that when that challenge comes for now focusing the core 4 will get you far enough so we got our Angelica who else can we add to the team at the start of the game well if you roll the other units I mentioned add them if not here are the useful three stars you want to use if you get them from summoning number one is chlorine after specialty change she becomes one of the best supports in the game however don’t use her at the start she’s a post game character due to her normal form being mediocre unless you have our third awakening and you won’t be able to get her third awakening to around chapter 4 to 6 so bench her for now rosette falls under the same category but he’s less useful for PvE and more useful for PvP after specialty change so keep these around and send them in dispatch missions once you unlock those to get them some exp on the side that’s the only reason I’m mentioning them now so you know ahead of time these heroes are the other notable three stars Terran our guard and Carmen roles are my main picks for start Terran our provides dual attack chance and is a breaker that is providing defense break the strongest debuff in the game Carmen Rose is good for everything and has even used an endgame as well she Bluffs herself she does a lot of damage the stuff to the enemy is cute she’s one of the best 3 stars if you don’t have these then pick any of the other 3 stars I mentioned here the main thing you want in a team is a tank Angelica fills this role all healers are basically the best tanks in the game for the most part so put them as the lead hero slap prophetic candle stick on them if you don’t have five star artifacts and they’ll do both jobs as healer and tank fine enough defense break as I mentioned is the most potent debuff in the game the more you can apply it reliably that is units that have a low cooldown to apply it the better get a breaker on your team if you can if not get an attack buffer on the team attack buff is 50% increased attack which will help mow down enemies and lastly someone that can deal a lot of damage later on once you get to chapter 6 you can get lorina from connection quest she will be your main dps if you don’t have a strong five star DPS unit she’s universally good universally strong after specialty change so get her 50 ASAP and start that grind so those are the units you use pick any that will contribute the rolls I just mentioned and start the game if you don’t have any of those characters then settle with razz and Mercedes after selectively it becomes pretty free range if you want the speediest route to ten ten then only do mainline stages avoid the side areas except the ones that gift orbits you need to upgrade your sanctuary with those which provide lions for promoting penguins for levelling sky stones and many other useful things first things first the first orbits you get don’t spend it save it by skipping the tutorial when it shows up the first thing you want to upgrade to max is forest middle section and your aim is to put all penguins in this right now early on levels matter much more than fodder so put penguins some of them when you’re in enough stigma to summon and level your characters with them as often as possible match elements to receive more exp example feed water penguins into Angelica this will make going through story much smoother early on after getting to around level 30 however switch to two lions and one penguin so you can promote your heroes to four stars using lions and one penguin will complete the daily reputation quest and you’ll keep this setup for you long while until around Chapter eight or nine world difficulty where you’ll switch to penguins and just have all penguins and basically you’ll just sell all the Penguins every time so you can earn some gold because gold sucks in this game but after reaching level 15 ish for your team get out of adventure and do lab labyrinth is basically how you get gear for a long long time your goal is to beeline to the golden chest in each map get the item then beeline to the boss exit and proceed to the next lab before reaching negative 30 morale golden chests are a one-time things so zero reason to repeat these earlier labs lab keys are limited to three and take 24 hours to recharge so day one you should be able to do three labs which will give you an axe and sword that will be your best in slot for your main do yes unit you’ll also get ancient coins with these buy some accessories from shop do this to you get it an amulet and ring two complete sets for all of your 4 characters then stop wasting coins and save them you’ll get a great speed a me and a critical ring from lab later on that will basically be your best in slots for weeks so save coins to upgrade them once you get them after lab continue story a bit then after reaching level 24 you team skip on over to side story event and beat that on normal the event will give you a vent currency which can be used to buy various goods but beating it first time gives you quest rewards like penguins bookmarks and other useful stuff penguins and bookmarks are the key reason for side tracking here the Penguins will offer a couple of levels per elements I’ll be upfront you only really want to summon for limited banners it’s the only way not to get screwed over by RNG but they are few and far between so my best advice is to never spend sky stones for summoning only use bookmarks you get from quest or events or abyss to try summoning if you don’t get a four or five star hero then move on to you get more bookmarks get a free summon each day and non limited heroes are added to that pool eventually so it’s smarter to save sky stones for limited banners or refreshing stamina in the late-game the quick note is to never fodder four or five star heroes unless it’s for and printing them most heroes have two versions normal and moonlight and you can imprint them into either form so save them even if you think they’re a bad character but now that you on some lab stuff completed event on normal the next step is to enter abyss abyss rewards are basically the only generous thing in this game so you want to climb it as much as you can until you get stuck which then you’ll want to upgrade gear and come back and try again you could do it three times a day so always do it every day afterwards the next step is to get your main four heroes to the third awakening which will unlock a bonus effect for certain skills preceding story will usually give enough to do this but if need be do spirit altar till you can being each stage first time we’ll give you bonus rooms from reputation stage 3 is best stage 4 normal rooms stage 8 is best stage 4 triangles and 10 is best for hexagons just FYI for later on once you’re all three star awakened you basically play how you want till you reach 10/10 but chapter 3 s is vital and completing eventually as it unlocks the best lab stage in a game to farm wyvern gear that is speed hits and critical sets this will be your main source for gearing your characters up enough to take on hunts where you’ll transition to them when you can beat them on stage 7 or higher on auto but the last three stages at this lab give level 45 water gear hence it’s not worth doing stage 5 or lower hunts because the stamina cost is too high for the minor difference in gear level after a single lab run you’ll usually get to 2 for heroic teardrops and ancient coins and you basically repeat these stages for weeks nick seed sanctum is a trash lab don’t bother with doing it from there just do lab each day and progress abyss beat 10/10 cry at your ml summon after buying 5 galaxy bookmarks with the 6 gold and transmitted stones you get from beating that chapter and from there begins the hell no seriously things go downhill a bit from here the units are max level 50 yet you can’t do wyvern 6 or golem 7 on auto you can’t get past similar rank 2 in PvP you can’t beat at this stage 35 this is where the grind starts of slowly acquiring optimal gear and upgrading them to plus 15 slowly farming enough fodder to make your first sub 60 slowly farming to get fit awakening on your main 4 he rose slowly completing specialty change quests for your 3 stars everything will take weeks to do but this is the endgame this is the gotcha you slow grind to do everything in game basically keep at it and you’ll get there eventually but it’s a tough road for free-to-play I would say prioritize getting to level 60s your main DPS first and then a sub DPS or healer second and by then you’ll be close to rank 50 which unlocks level 85 gear in the secret shop which you can buy even a blank a me or ringg to get a high mein stat percent which will hold you over and likely enable you to progress a bit more in hunts or this now quick tip on upgrading for new players pre having level 70 year I don’t recommend upgrading any gear beside lab gear or heroic or epic rarity ones you get from story why because is he waste otherwise to upgrade blue or green or blank gear early on the speed at which you progressed by following my tips will make low level stuff you get early on irrelevant and it’s better to save gear to upgrade the lab gear I mentioned or sell for gold I consistently beat 1010 with unupgraded blue or green gear from drops from story so it is not needed and the charms and gold I got was very much needed to upgrade gear I plan to use for the long haul which is basically the lab gear I mentioned if you get stuck on a stage and adventure say chapter 9 again cigarette or the final boss simply ask in the new chat feature in-game to add powerful friends so you can use their units to easily kill those bosses and story most people will lend a hand the general Stratfor those stages is to kill the mobs first against cigarette or the final boss as they amplify what the boss can do and lastly regarding mole Agora’s which are skill enhancers always try to save up for them and get them because they’re so freakin rare as far as upgrading your priority should be to get the healers as 3 upgraded 3 times for their cooldown reduction forget your DPS your says or whatever healer is most important to skill at first after you get her cooldown reduction at plus 3 then save them till you decide on a final DPS and supporter and invest into them if you plan to use them for a long time example if you plan to use Clarie get her s 3 to +3 Larina once s 3 max out first then move on to 2 and then 1 but again get Angelica s 3 to +3 first that is the most important it allows her to save your but in time more often before your units are wiped out you can get transmitted stones by summoning artifacts from friendship summons then feeding the same kind into one another and then repeat for all the level 1 & 2 star artifacts you got after so many upgrades you get a rep tation bonus of nearly 10 transmitted stones after upgrading so use those stones to buy mul agora you can get a total of three per week one from guild shop on from the transmitted stone shop and one from arena and yeah that pretty much summarizes the road map you’ll need to doing well in the game at an efficient pace and optimal choices as a new player if you need further guides on promoting units and more in depth gear guide and leveling guide check out my other videos in the end screen annotations that info still holds up well currently don’t get discouraged on summoning the rates are to blame for that without a standard pity system implemented and most people are as unlucky as you are trust me when Angelica + Falconer Clarie + Larina is basically the Holy Trinity anyways – handling most of the content better than any other unit combo and a general usability sense and they’re easy to get if you go Angelica from selective so shiny 5-star or sick ml summons are just fluff eye candy and can rarely beat those three as a core team for PvE the fourth member can be your shiny 5 star or wife rule or husbando or whatever floats her boat hunt Elevens being exceptions of course but it’ll take over a month or more to even be able to handle that content as free-to-play I suppose since gear is the biggest problem I’ll highlight the core gear you get from lab for mid game players upgrade the accessories and boots to +15 and slap them on your main DPS so long as your main dps is well geared you’ll be able to handle tougher content more which allows you to farm faster or farm harder content to get better gear for the rest of your party for dispatch missions go all war emissions for arena points which will get you arena gear eventually on top of the daily 5 arena battles you have to do currently this gear is best for healer but it might change in the future when they rotate this season out do not craft anything until you upgrade workshop to 0-3 3 around chapter 4 or 5 world difficulty min/max and crafting materials is super important prioritize crafting boots first for a tack % or a speed main stat weapon second priority afterwards then and then chest his last hunts now drop accessories but I still think refreshing to buy a level eighty-five gear from shop for new rank 50 players is still the best option at least just for your main dps and or healer then you can just farm hunts for the rest of your party yeah that wraps up the video yeah it’s over then game boils down to grinding to gearing your characters to make them strong and just draw on content and repeat that grind for every new character you summon from future banners or illness labels so here is the biggest hurdle in this game you know something’s wrong when their own community supporter is making petitions for changes in the game against the company that’s a bad sign but hopefully things work out and if they do I’ll be back with some more videos for you epic 7 fans the games still fun up until a point so it’s worth trying out regardless of my negative tone after all waifu for life ooh so that’s it for the video guys good luck in a game if you found the video informative click that like button on a rare occasion i stream epic 7.