Epic Seven Reroll Guide 2019

We’re gonna be doing a reroll guide for epic seven I’m gonna be giving you the most efficient way to re-roll at least in my opinion where we’re gonna have multiple instances of the game up at the same time and you’re gonna be able to control them all simultaneously I’m also going to show you guys some tier lists and the units that you want to you know go for when you’re reeling I just want to ensure you guys you know get the best and greatest start you can have if you want to invest you know the time into actually re-rolling also. I actually already searched it and it is the very first game either right here sometimes it can be down below these suggest the recommended games go ahead click on epic 7 click on install depending on your connection you know this could take a little bit longer but it’s only 80 megabytes here I believe after you get all the patches downloaded it’s a little over one gigabyte so it’s not that big of a gotcha game it’s nowhere near the size of da matta Moorea freeze but that’s going to take a look at these settings I am currently using for Knox I’m gonna go over to advanced settings as you can see I’m using the middle option which is two cores and two gigabytes of RAM obviously you may have to adjust these settings depending on your computer to get the best performance that you can possibly get without you know caching your computer on fire but when you are the game I would recommend trying to have the best settings you know to get you the best performance possible but when your rear owing you’re definitely gonna want to adjust these settings we’re gonna talk about it but I have it currently it’s an ATP you have to use a compatible OpenGL for the game to run if it’s on speed it simply will not run so you can’t use that and I have it set to 60 frames per second we’re definitely gonna change that one we rollin now after the game is downloaded you’re gonna open the game it’s gonna take a little bit of time for whatever reason the first time you open the game seems a little bit slower than you know afterwards but after we get in the game we’re going to patch the game and one of the reasons we want to do this is that we when we copy this instance that we’re creating right now you already have the patch installed and you won’t have to redownload it every time so I’m gonna go ahead and download this patch and I’m gonna come back so what’s your game finishes patching you’re gonna see the login screen and if you want to go ahead and jump in and start playing you can click the login button and just you know use the in-game features to re-roll if you don’t want to run multiple instances at the same time however if you do want to do that do not click the login button because once you do it associate say unique ID with your game and you cannot copy it and run multiple instances of it after doing so so what we’re gonna do instead of clicking on login is click on recent tasks and close epic seven and then we’re gonna open the multi instance manager which looks like an icon with multiple windows lined up after doing so you’re gonna want to close the current instance that you have open and after doing that you’re gonna have more options pop up here but we’re going to click on multi instance settings and I don’t remember what the default settings are here but you’re gonna want to set it to 20 frames per second because you know you’re gonna have multiple instances of the same game running and you want your computer to still function while doing so if you do have a pretty beats computer you could potentially you know up these settings to maybe 30 or so maybe a little bit better performance while you’re doing this I would suggest turning the sounds off because it does say you get a little bit better performance via doing so the batch operation here actually controls how many copies you make a time when I’m doing the batch option here at the top I do believe default it’s three but I have it set to ten you can change that to whatever you want for how many copies want to make at a time I leave default interval if startup is five seconds and I would recommend it using the lowest resolution possible you can’t use mobile phone resolutions too but I’m gonna stick with the tablet one because it’s already in landscape mode and it’s a landscape game so it’s just you know my two cents for that one now I’ve been doing that you’re gonna click on the settings for that instance specifically and your prince is just what I’m doing personally and I would recommend this to most of you but again if you have a beast computer maybe you could stick the two cores in two gigs or sit in you know your custom settings for whatever you want but I’m gonna click on low for one core and one gigabyte it already copied over the lowest resolution oh yeah it sets a compatible OpenGL which is what we definitely want because the other option doesn’t work and it’s set to 20 frames per second so everything looks good we’re gonna go ahead and save these settings close that now after doing that we’re gonna check this instance and click on the batch operation and click on copy now it takes um maybe like 30 seconds to a minute to copy this you know from a fresh Knox with just epic 7 installed however depending on your computer it could take a little bit longer and I do believe if you’re using a solid-state drive it probably would copy a little bit faster but after these finish we’re gonna open them probably open like three I’m not gonna do alt in because I think my computer would probably cry and fuss me if I did all 10 but we’re gonna open probably three instances and I’m gonna you know walk you guys through how this reroll process is going to work and I’ll go ahead and skip ahead till these are done now that they’re all done copying I can select the ones that I want to start at the same time to do these rerolls on now you can copy as many instances at a time as you want by changing this setting right here so if you don’t want to do 10 you know you can do you know 3 5 however many you want to do I went ahead and copied more you know just for the future me that may want to do some more rerolls so I’m gonna go ahead and select 5 of these I know I said three but I’m gonna do 5 as you guys probably you know saw in the earlier part of the video I had 5 instances running so once I select those 5 I’m going to click on start right here and they will start gradually 5 seconds apart and obviously you know the more you running at the same time the longer they’re probably gonna take to startup like I said earlier if you have a solid-state drive you’ll probably see a little bit better performance here because you’ll have faster load times so now that all of our instances have loaded up as you can see from clicking on the bottom here where it shows all five of our knocks windows what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna kind of organize these where we can see them all at the same time and then we’re gonna look a little bit different than what you saw at the beginning of the video but it’s gonna look essentially the same now you can kind of automatically organize them through the multi instance manager let me show you guys by clicking the multi instance arranged but I’m not earning enough instances at the same time to where I can actually make it look you know kinda nice where you can see all this time the windows at the same time now this is good enough right now I think I’ll leave one of these a little bit bigger than the rest of them and this is gonna be my my main window so what we’re gonna do now that we have them all open the way we want is I’m gonna click on the arrow here so I can see all the options and I’m gonna click on the synchronize operation in all instances now this is a super important thing and it is very critical that you do this because it’ll save you a lot of effort for sure now by default selects all of the open instances of Knox and I’m just gonna move this over here where we can keep it out of the way now once you want to start you know having your clicks affect all the Knox windows click on the start button looks like a play button more than anything else and now that I’ve done that when I click on this window that I started it on it’ll affect all these other windows so I’m gonna click on epic seven as you can see the games gonna open up it’s gonna be kind of slow and you’re first doing this so I’m gonna skip ahead on the game is finished opening but the more instances that you open at the same time the longer it’s gonna take especially for the first time but thankfully you should only have to hopefully do this once for every batch of rerolls that you do hopefully you’re pretty lucky on the first batch y’all to do this again but let me go ahead and fast forward and I would like to point out that when you’re waiting for it to pop up they will freeze on this white screen someone will have you know the developers remembers a part of you know making this game on there and seven will just freeze at the white screen and you will just see them gradually get past that now that they’ve all finished opening we’re gonna be able to click login on our instance that we have controlling all the other ones and as you’ll see it will affect all of them now if I was to go over here and click on a different one that would only affect that one that I’m clicking on I’ll go ahead and click on a guest star on this top left one and as you’ll see it won’t affect any of the other ones so we didn’t get the other prompts like we did on clicking this limb Steven well let me click here so I didn’t change that good so I will click ok on our main one and I’m gonna click I don’t want to receive notifications so I’m gonna click no and I want to play on the global server so I’m gonna click that and here will be the final confirmation box I believe and then it’ll start actually loading the game and will be Jenna and this can take a couple minutes to usually and I’m rolling you know I’m doing something else like playing a different gotcha game on my phone or you know watching anime or whatever so I would personally recommend doing something else while doing this because some of the steps in the real process can definitely take some time and depending on how many are doing simultaneously but anyway I’m gonna go ahead and skip ahead to the actual point where I’m you know mid process in the rear oh so now that you’re in the game you have your multiple instances set up and you’re controlling them simultaneously your goal is going to be to get past stage one four and do your single summons and hope for a top tier five star adventurer or just a character that you’re looking to get that maybe you think is cool but what very important piece of information that I want to share with you guys is after you finish stage one three and you try to continue on to one for the game is going to make you rename your account and as far as I’ve been able to tell with my you know experimenting and talking to other players that have tried this as well there is no way to currently bypass this prop that it gives you and you cannot read change your name later on so you cannot rename yourself after you name your account originally and what really sucks is there cannot be duplicate accounts with the same name in the game so what I would recommend that you guys is when you’re doing these rerolls whatever name it is you want to use I would just throw a number after it and you know hope for the best it’s gonna kind of suck to have a number after your name but hopefully somewhere down the line and they’ll add the featured where we can rename our account and I really think they probably will with all of the frustration a lot of us players have with not being able to change our name after choosing it once you get past stage one four you’re gonna go to do your first single summon so this is where the you know the true reroll experience really begins in the game you’re going to want to go gift box and claim all of your crystals and covenant bookmarks so that way you can do as many single summons as you possibly can right now I think it’s around like seven or eight ish singles after you claim those after doing that you’re gonna want to go to the summon screen summon on your free daily single pull from the covenant banner and then go spend all of your coveted bookmarks and crystals on the destined a pickup banner and your goal here is to get a good five star adventure or you know just a cool character maybe that you’re looking for and then you know go on and continue playing the game until you get your free multi what you’re gonna talk more about in a second now the five star adventures that you might want to aim for could either be you know really top tier ones are just cool ones I would recommend checking out the tier list in the description to see what the characters look like and what they do that way you can decide what kind of characters you might want to look for in your rerolls now what most players are doing in my personal recommendation is to get a good healer and a good damage dealer so there are good five-star options obviously with her also good four-star options as well so what some players are doing is getting a good five star damage dealer or healer and then getting a you know good four star damage dealer or healer to finish rounding out their team now I’m gonna be looking for hopefully debts now as my hero and re-rolling I would recommend that to you guys as well but if you don’t get destiny as your healer I believe Angelica and achates I hopefully I said her name right Eirik ADIS is another good four star healer option but destiny I believe currently is the only five star healer now in terms of damage dealers the one that everyone is looking for in the game right now is says he is apparently an absolutely insane a OE damage dealer he’s good in PvP but he apparently will just carry you through story mode like no other and Rabbi or a V is another good option in terms of damage dealers so either one of those two five-star characters you would be absolutely lucky to definitely pull one of those characters now for four star damage dealers I believe Karen and Clarissa are good options as well if you don’t manage to get a good five star one now after doing your single summons if you get a character you’re looking for whether it’s a five star or a cool character or you know whatever you decide to stop on you want to continue playing the game on that account until you get passed stage 110 after getting past that stage you’ll be able to do your free multi summon which you can repeat up to 30 times and it’s definitely a lot easier to get something looking for here the hardest part of the reroll is definitely when you’re doing your single summons because you only get a handful but after you get a good damage healer or healer and whatever you’re stopping on when you’re doing your free multis it’s pretty easy to get something good just you know finish rounding out your team get something that complements what you already have and you should be set to start playing the game and have a good very strong you know start to the game so after you get a good account after you finish doing your roles hopefully you didn’t take you too long you definitely want to back up your accounts that way you can continue playing it on your emulator or your phone or whatever you want to do all you have to do is go to settings click account management I believe the button is and either link it to an email or you know one of the other two options there you can also reset your game by going to settings and clicking on the big red reset button the same place that account management is so that way you don’t have to redownload all the assets and you can start the game anew if you want to reroll that way as well so if you reroll you know like on however many multiple multi instances you have going and you don’t get anything good you can literally just you know reset after you do your first singles and start all over without having to you know do more copies if you want to do it that way hopefully you guys enjoyed the video let me know your thoughts on the video if you have any you know constructive criticism or questions feel free to comment down below like the video if you want to see more epic 7 content as well if you do have any questions about emulators or Knox in general I’m not super well-versed in that but I will do my best to answer those questions and just keep in mind emulators can be kind of sort of clunky sometimes so I’m very sorry if you guys run into any trouble when trying to do these rerolls but if you want to see more epic 7 content definitely.

Updated: May 16, 2019 — 3:45 pm

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