All Epic Seven Best Characters List

Welcome again to another article of character highlights if you’re questioning what my face is I decided that for epic 7 character highlights you just got to talk because it’s a lot cooler for me to write a blog. Today we’re going to take a look at rose we’re going to talk about her skill up order or strengths or weaknesses what content she’s good in what gear you should be using on her as well as the artifacts that work best on her so for skill of order for Rose it’s a bit different it really depends on what you want to use her for you can scale up her skill brief or her skill to first 2-1 cool down depending on how you’re going to be using her skill 2 is a cleanse cleanses to rebuffs and gives a shield and a bit of combat enthusiasm.

So if you need to use her like banshees or enraged for her cleanse then I’d recommend that you skill up the skill to first to the -1 cool down whereas. If you want to use her in PvP as a secondary combat readiness booster or even a primary combat willingness booster then I’d suggest that you scale up for skill 3 all the way because that one applies to everyone as well as getting the -1 cool down you repair more just about receiving the extra combat readiness stuff. I wouldn’t fear about skilling oppress skill 1 at all because her skill 1 only gets more damage it doesn’t get a better chance to talk so it’s not really a big deal so for her strength she carries a lot of utility on her kit and it makes her really good in guild war raid and PvP and some Hut’s definitely wyvern and man she’s for PvP she’s treasured as a combat readiness booster because she has both combat readiness boosts up to 25% and attack buff all in once ago for raid the fact. She has clean attack buff and taunt all in one kit make her enormously useful. She’s essentially a baby dn she does a lot of what the N does the attack buff the shield she just does it in a much more toned down fest as well as the fact that you can use her to carry aureus for hunts in banshee 11 she’s so good because she has like I said the combat readiness most decisively the cleanse and the attack buff all of these are really good things she can carry annoy us to help you not die for Wyman 11 the fact that she’s a defense based tank means that it’s a lot easier to keep her alive you just run a lot of defense on her and then you bring like an Angelica or a Cadiz or Tamra and something that heals based on their own HP and then they can keep her topped off a lot more simply than they could a really high HP tank for weaknesses.

She’s pretty easy to kill if she gets death broken also if you have a DN she becomes a lot less useful like I said she’s basically its own down version of the end so if you already have at the end you probably won’t be using rose for gear on her I would recommend that you go speed set for your for set I don’t think there are really any more sets at the moment that complement her as much as speed set even if you make her tanky at the end of the day because she’s a combat readiness booster she’s a cleanser she’s an attack buffer you want her to be fast even if you don’t though speed boots for it to sense I remark defense HP resists if you do want some efficiency. I don’t know that I’d recommend a hit set I will go for effectiveness in subs only her skill one has the time and she’ll be using that a fair bit so I really wouldn’t stress having that effectiveness too much so four percent sets on the necklace and ring I will go HP and defense doesn’t really matter which one is the HP or the defense but I don’t mention going double defense on the ring and the necklace as as I said earlier if she gets the DEF broke and she’s really easy to kill also defense can be broken whereas HP cannot so always at least have one HP right side percent item for boots I recommend speed unless you’re tanking pair and why of an 11 in which case I’d recommend defense boots for artifacts it really depends on where you’re going to be using 4 y of 11 tanking I’d recommend on voice pipe or Holy Sacrifice the motive.

I don’t suggest using egg of delusion or noble oath is because defense has diminishing returns for example if your rose has 1500 defense and you use a Mac style egg you only get an approximate two percent change in damage mitigation getting 1500 defense isn’t that hard Oh Rose and that percent damage reduction would decrease the higher your defense so the higher of the defense you have the less benefit you would get from VA and if you use an ANOVA oath with a max defense bonus then it’s a 5 percent change will the on voice pipe if it’s maxed you get a 20 percent damage reduction if you’re below 50% HP. I ponder it’s pretty easy to see why those don’t compare so for general PvE. I recommend aureus whole a glance or a candlestick reason being for those aureus helps keep your team a lot also gives your entire team better defense Alliance helps give rows turns and candlestick helps her cycle cooldowns cycling cooldowns on your attack buffer / combat readiness booster / cleanser is pretty important it’s gotta help you out a lot PvP these artifacts don’t truly change except maybe you could use an Elvis ritual sword to keep up talks as far as synergy Rose doesn’t really have synergy with anything except for the fact that Phoebe focus on defense as a survival stat she’s a lot easier to keep alive also out beware entice energy so like consuming the Rose under the end it’s a wasted slot because they already do essentially the same things so I would avoid using characters like that with Rose anyways that’s all for now hope you enjoyed this video if you did as usual please like comment subscribe show you boys some love and I will catch you wonderful people next time max out.